CANAL CAPITALE Urgh, this band are so fucking good that they make me feel a little sick. They're so raw, yet so polished, I don't even know how that works. I was even half way through debut E.P 'Stunner of the Month' and I was smitten. Hooked. Delve in.
GENRE Math Pop BIO Pissed off Math-Pop. For short attention spans. Former Boy Scouts. LINKS Like em on Facebook Twitter; @CanalCapitale Checkout their tracks here; MERCH Grab copies of Debut E.P 'Stunner of the Month' here; BOOKING Contact us – RECOMMENDATIONS Venues CC dig: Bar Bloc+ Promoters CC dig: Good Grief (Local record label who also run a monthly night called ‘Goop Shop’ in Bloc+ featuring a plethora of progressive/noise/ambient/math), TariboWest (Monthly night featuring all things Math-Rock, Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock and everything in between) Bands CC dig: Wojtek, Cuttys Gym, Emilio Largo, Greater the Divide, Bellow Below, Pioneers Of Anaesthetic, Albert Shakespeare LOCATION Glasgow



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