REVIEW: BROKER DEBUT NEW ALBUM 'QUIXOTA' 15/01/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? Hailing from Brighton UK, Post-Hardcore trio Broker introduce us to their latest album, ‘Quixota’. Released under Smalltown America and now, at this current time, being toured around Europe, ‘Quixota’ brings us a noisy, ratty, ear scraping sensation that I’m here to tell y’all about. Summary A lot of elements are touched upon throughout this album, to me noisy music is just noisy music and so I don't really bother with labels or relate to other bands, that said there are hints of hardcore, noise-rock, prog and somewhat avant garde. The first track ‘Talk', a wave of dissonance that bleeds into a stabby, broken, disjointed, audio merry-go-round is a perfect welcoming to ‘Quixota’ and gives insight of what to expect track after track. Like I said I love my noise and the third track ‘Quixota' has all the flavours that shouldn't mix but works a treat, you know like when Philadelphia did that chocolate and cheese hybrid? Opening with a psychotic episode of stabs, the album titled song breathes a stop and start feel but then shifts into melodic discontent, delightfully harmonised between guitar and bass, which is held together by some very tasty jazz beats. It's this dynamic in noisy music that always sticks out to me. It's not just about writing a quiet part of a song and then a loud part, it's what is seasoning that noise no matter on how loud or quiet it is and throughout ‘Quixota’ you realise that this is an ingeniously composed album. I'd be remiss however if I didn't give a shout out to Duncan (Guitarist/Vocalist) for not sticking to consistent screaming and wailing, which again I'm quite fond of. In the track ‘Miller' and also in other tracks that feature clean(ish) vocals, it is proven to us that noisy music doesn't have to be accompanied by shouting. It's very clear that Broker have taken the time to tailor their songs and compose an absolute beast of an album. What hooked me? This is only my second review for Yeah Buddy and it’s only the big cheese Krystian that really knows that when it comes to anything noisy, I’m all over it like a horde of mice upon cheese. ‘Quixota’ is a big block of mature cheddar. Broker’s ‘Quixota’ is an astonishing debut filled with anger and blissfully disjointed riffs. Feedback The only possible feedback that I can give is that although sometimes a droning noise section in a song is a good thing, it's good to not let it drown out the possibility for little bits of structure in between the noise, or perhaps even on top of the noise by layering the noise! Duncan, if you’re reading this come talk to me, I'll sort you out a nice loop pedal. Artwork I'm not an art critic but this sure spells isolation among similarities and that's all I have to say about it. Line From The Band Broker explained their thought process on ‘Quixota’ here: "With Quixota, we wanted it to be honest and to the point. We recorded it ourselves, very quickly, all in one room, (no eye contact) live as possible and lived with the end result. We also ate a large dose local honey's each day in an attempt to stave off hay fever, totally worked. Had a splendid time taking these songs around the EU last year and can’t wait to take them out in the UK, EU and IRE this year! Most people we see at our shows either have earplugs or, look so cool in not having them you kinda think "hey, well they're your ears, Pal" but still, i'd say at least have them with you at one of our shows." Vital Info The band are now looking to head out on another tour with the following dates:
 Feb 24th- Brighton Feb 25th- Bristol- Gigors Electric Take Over- Stag And Hounds March 31st- Brighton Quadrent May 3rd- Paris May 4th- Clermont Ferrand May 5th- Lyon May 6th- Gigors May 7th- Dijon --------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewer Profile Liam ‘Branston' Blackburn - Audio/tech savant at HMV, Riffs and naysaying in turbo doom duo SPRINGBOK and fond of the rusty soldering iron, building custom built pedals and bastardising existing circuits.



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