DESCRIPTIVE BIT Based in Manchester, but booking also in Liverpool and Middlesborough, they've began to run their 'Fuzz Club' nights across the city. 2 shows deep and they are already making a solid splash. They've worked with some awesome bands to so take a look and get in touch if you think it suits you ALLUMNI Ming City Rockers, Mouses, Sweet Deals on Surgery, Love Buzzard, The Twisted Dolls LINKS Facebook; Twitter; @clubbigmuff CONTACT BAND REQUIREMENTS To push the show on socials, to try and pull as many heads as possible BOOKING TERMS To be discussed during the booking process BAND BENEFITS Get to play a show put on by enthusiastic promoters, get pushed on all socials, potential to play shows in different cities. RECOMMENDATIONS Right on Music, Night & Day Cafe, Flat Plastic Promotions VENUES AND LOCATION Middlesbrough, Manchester, Liverpool



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