BIG BEAR SINGLE RELEASE / BIRTHDAY BASH - FREDERIKS - JANUARY 2017: REVIEW 10/02/17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frederik's played host to a blinding little line-up a few weeks ago, with three bands that all exuded confident quality. After a quick adjustment of sliding doors to slightly separate the soul laced DJ set in the main bar and the likely onslaught of heavier, kicking live sets, the venue played an excellent, intimate host. Opening up the evening with subtle style were Dangerously Canadian, poised quality punctuated with mellow irony. When the first act on could easily headline a well-rounded line-up, you know the evening is likely to be a fun one Indigo Moon took over the room next, with their usual beguiling capacity to deliver raging power with grace. Unlike the other acts of the evening, this was not the first time I have seen the band and certainly won’t be the last. Have to count myself as one of the captivated, always excited to see how they are developing. On the evidence of this performance, quite beautifully. Many of the crowd were in the room to see the headliners, Big Bear, and having enthusiastically supported the earlier line-up, the feeling of anticipation was palpable. No one was left disappointed. Hugely energetic, charismatic performance with, on first listen, layered lyrical interest. When a band entertains the hell out of you, leaves you wanting to hear more, with intent to dive in and give their lyrics more attention, you know you will seek them out again at the earliest opportunity. Fantastic evening. --------------------------------------------------------------- Words and pictures: Mark Holmes.



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