DESCRIPTIVE BIT Behind The White Door was set up by Franceens members Dan Oliver Gott and Naomi Westerman. It was put together with the sole purpose of providing a platform in York for garage/punk/rock and roll/alternative bands. Most of the bands that play are scouted by Dan and Naomi, when they are on the road with their own band. Over the years, Behind The White Door has hosted bands from all over the world, and it continues to be one of the hottest events to play in the north of England. ALLUMNI Dan (promoter, host) Naomi (artist relations, co-host) LINKS CONTACT WE ARE BEST CONTACTED VIA EMAIL: BAND REQUIREMENTS We tend to book garage/punk or rock and roll. We don't usually book anything outside of this spectrum. So if you're in a death metal band, we're not the right promoter for you. We also don't book divas, or bands who ask egotistical questions like "what fee do we get?" or "how many people are you expecting at the gig?". Our gigs are all about the love of live music. They are what they are. If you're in a band to be famous/make money then don't contact us please. BOOKING TERMS All of our gigs feature two local bands and two travelling bands. Each band gets a 30 minute set, unless otherwise specified. The venue where we host our gigs has a full house backline, so only minimal gear is required. Our events are free entry. BAND BENEFITS Travelling bands will get money towards expenses. We pass a donations box around the venue and whatever is in there is split between the travelling bands. All bands get a limited amount of free drinks. We get a couple of cases of beer, and once they've gone, they've gone! Bands on tour, we can feed you. RECOMMENDATIONS VENUES AND LOCATION All of our gigs are exclusive to The Fulford Arms pub, on Fulford Road in York.



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