BANDS BY GENRE ALTERNATIVE ROCK/FUZZ ROCK/NOISE/LO-FI CITIZENS CRAIG ELLIOT CREATURES OF HABIT EMILIO PINCHI FALSE ADVERTISING JUFFAGE REDWOOD SLEEP TERMINAL Cripple Rock Disastronauts Emo Rock Possum Garage Punk Table Scraps Geek Rage Dead Wolf Club Jazzy Alt Metal mask of bees loud rock the scaramanga six MESS ROCK SLEEP KIT Math-Rock/Experimental/Instrumental/Jazz Rock ALRIGHT, THE CAPTAIN CANAL CAPITALE CHIYODA KU CLEFT EMILIO LARGO firesuite FLY ON BYRD, FLY ON GLOSSOM GO AROUND CAPTAIN HALO TORA i.this.yes kusanagi memory of elephants out blinker pocket apocalypse singapore strategy taws those amongst us are wolves tidings vasa we can be astronauts Noisepopthunderpunk sweet deals on surgery Parrot Punk Barlon Rando Post-Punk/Rock Fighting Prog/Heavy/ Psychedelic/Stoner Creeps edityourhometown elevant The Mind At Large RATTLEROCK SNAKERATTLERS Swamp Rock/Blues Rock Armchair Committee Gold Phoenix Thrashpop Elmo And The Styx Wuss-Rock/Dingus Rock Passion Pusher WONKY NOISE-POP DUCK BANDS BY LOCATION EUROPE Citizens (Belgium) SLEEP KIT (NETHERLANDS/GERMANY) LONDON & THE SOUTH (ATLAS) (LONDON) Armchair Committee (LONDON) Craig Elliot (London) Chiyoda Ku (Bristol) Creeps (London) Dead Wolf Club (London/Tintagel) Edityourhometown (Brighton) Gold Phoenix (Deep South) I.This.Yes (London/Brighton) Memory of Elephants (Brighton) Redwood (Hertfordshire) Those Amongst Us Are Wolves (Coventry) Vodun (London) LIVERPOOL & MERSEYSIDE (ATLAS) (LIVERPOOL) BARLON RANDO (LIVERPOOL) Creeps (LIVERPOOL) Disastronauts (LIVERPOOL) ELEVANT (LIVERPOOL) Elmo And The Styx (LIVERPOOL) Emilio Pinchi (LIVERPOOL) GlossOm (LIVERPOOL) Kusanagi (LIVERPOOL) Pocket Apocalypse (LIVERPOOL) Singapore Strategy (Liverpool) TAWS (LIVERPOOL) MANCHESTER & MIDLANDS Cleft (Manchester) DUCK (SHEFFIELD) False Advertising (Manchester) Firesuite (Sheffield) Fly On Byrd, Fly On (Sheffield) mask of bees The Mind At Large (Manchester) Possum (Manchester) sleep terminal (Sheffield) sweet deals on surgery (Manchester/Preston) table scraps (birmingham) We Can Be Astronauts (Leicester) SCOTLAND Canal Capitale (Glasgow) Emilio Largo (Edinburgh) Halo Tora (Glasgow) Out Blinker (Glasgow) Passion Pusher (Glasgow) Tidings (Edinburgh) United Fruit (Glasgow) VASA (Glasgow) YORKSHIRE & NORTH Alright, The Captain (Nottingham) Fighting (Preston) Go Around Captain (Preston) Juffage (Leeds) Possum (Leeds) the scaramanga six (Leeds) SNAKERATTLERS (YORK)



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