BAD OWL PRESENTS DESCRIPTIVE BIT D.I.Y Leeds-based promoters. Putting on post-rock, post-metal and math-rock shows since 2012.
ALLUMNI &U&I, Allusondrugs, Alpha Male Tea Party, Alright The Captain, Bear Makes Ninja, Bearfoot Beware, Charlie Barnes, Cleft, Codes In The Clouds, Envoys, Her Name Is Calla, Himself, Lost In The Riots, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Mutiny On The Bounty, Polymath, Quadrilles, Rumour Cubes, Samoans, Spectres, Sunwølf, The Fierce & The Dead, Trojan Horse, UpcDownc, Vasa, Waking Aida, We Never Learned To Live, Worriedaboutsatan amongst others. LINKS Twitter; @BadOwlPresents Instagram; FB; Bandcamp; CONTACT Email: BAND REQUIREMENTS Fit into the post-rock / post-metal / math-rock genre. Be nice. Be fun. Help us promote the show. BOOKING TERMS We tend not to offer specific guarantees with regards to fees but we do work not-for-profit and will see bands right to the best of our abilities. BAND BENEFITS We book bands because we love the music so always offer respect, hard work and enthusiasm. We can usually offer bands a bed for the night, a vegan supper & breakfast and the company of two of the world's greatest cats. RECOMMENDATIONS Locally, we recommend the lovely promoter skills of Destroy All Monsters, Chunk, Musical Mathematics and Dirty Otter. VENUES AND LOCATION LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS



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