ARMCHAIR COMMITTEE Listening to Armchair Committee is like being unceremoniously slung into the deep south and being forced to chew on a roasted squirrel thigh and play the spoons along to Uncle Jethro's howling swamp symphony. AC turn the air around you blue and not by being foulmouthed. No, by being sludgier than a swamp full of tar. Wail, whoop, holler and howl. Armchair Committee are in town.
GENRE Swamp Rock BIO As likely to serve up a round of bludgeoning swamp rock, as they are a skewed melodic-blues elixir. One part intoxicating wall-of-noise highs, one part distilled melodic lows. Armchair Committee have carved a reputation as a 'magnificent' live band' showing hints of the Foo's rampant melodicism and Jack White's howling blues' (Kerrang! Magazine - KKKKK). LINKS The website; FB; Tweets; @armcomband MERCH Vinyl / CDs / T-Shirts / Fortune Cookies etc. available here; BOOKING Email the band on! They're always looking for shows! RECOMMENDATIONS If you’re looking for good DIY shows in Bristol then contact The Stag & Hounds or Mothers Ruin! LOCATION Bristol!



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