ANTIPOP RECORDS Spurred by a distaste in the norm; Antipop regularly puts on shows with bite and bile. DESCRIPTIVE BIT Antipop is a live music promoter, record label in Liverpool, England. They represent a new scene of amazing gigs, wild parties for the underground youth and an array of new and exciting bands. Starting out in abandoned spaces, tennis, cricket and social clubs, the scene burst out and now hosts some of the biggest names in the history of punk rock. From UK Subs to Mike Watt of Missingmen, Nomeansno, Wonk Unit, selling out venues in the city centre. Keen on breaking new talent out of the UK live scene, Antipop gives the people what they want…a show. Whether that be demented ska punk, sludgy stoner doom, three chord skate punk, psychobilly or rockabilly there is always a good time, good crowd and a heavily promoted event. Antipop is a collection of musicians and artists combining to set-up a group effort in the music industry. Antipop is finding ways to make ambitious musicians professional money earning artists. Getting paid and represented in the right areas for their work. From the design and layout of correct social media packages to the implementation of royalty payments and furthering work for syncs and booking touring shows across the world. Allowing artists to move freely into the future of technology and music with confidence and knowledge. Sharing information and contacts among the group enabling a greater strength in numbers rather than singularly.
ALLUMNI LINKS Facebook; If you want to work with one of the bands on the Antipop roster and need to contact them then send an email to it will reach the person you want it to. CONTACT Email; BAND REQUIREMENTS If you are a purveyor of any kind of punk, garage or riff heavy music then this is the place you want. Antipop have been known to book awesome bands from all over the place so if you can put on a show and you want to make your way to Liverpool then this is the place for you. Liverpool based bands that fall into these categories, get in touch and you may have the honour of being welcomed into the family. BOOKING TERMS Be professional, be willing to put in the effort to promote the show and put on a great show yourselves, also ensure that you take in all this information to be certain that this is the right label/ promoter for you particularly genre-wise. BAND BENEFITS The distinction of being a part of a tight knit family who heavily promote their shows and make it a wild party every time. Being part of the label is no mean feat either and would add a few levels to any punk band. RECOMMENDATIONS Venues; Mello Mello, Sound Food & Drink, Maguires Pizza Bar, Brink, The Whitehouse, Next To Nowhere, Elevator Bar, The Pilgrim, Eric’s, The Picket, Fort Perch Rock (New Brighton), Rendevouz (St Helens), Sound Control (Manchester). VENUES AND LOCATION Plenty in Liverpool, and the Wirral!



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