alpha male tea party – 'health' REVIEW 22/06/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? Hold onto the sides kids we’ve hooked a biggun! Here we discuss the excellently named Liverpool based trio Alpha Male Tea Party and their new album ‘Health’ Summary/Info/Stuff: Alpha Male Tea Party are: Tom Peters Ben Griffiths Greg Chapman New album HEALTH out June 23rd on Big Scary Monsters. Pre-order here - Facebook: Key moments: Let us do this track by excellently named track. Have you ever seen milk? – Atmospheric opening, loads of reverb on flipping everything. Then flipping loud everything. Great opener Ballerina – Ballerinas are graceful this song is furious. Lovely use of a percussion block amidst all the racket. Ever been punched in the face by a Ballerina? I imagine this is the nearest thing. The Museum of Walking – As we enter the museum of walking we do it with a ridiculously funky bass riff then are lead into a stop-start section to dismantle the minds of many. Dare you not to throw your head about to this one. Guitar & Bass work on this track is something else. Nobody had the Heart to tell him he was on Fire – This one bursts in with a great drum-fill. Then takes on a Pelican like feel (the band not the bird) before navigating its way smoothly to a major key bit of happiness with a shaker to boot. This song changes loads yet never gets lost of sounds messy. It is a supremely impressive piece of music that my mind was not ready for. Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? – Big, Joyous, and Loud in the beginning. Big, Melancholy, and Atmospheric in the middle. BIGGER, LOUDER, PROPER BOSS ENDING! Powerful and Professional - This song just pushes and pushes. It is lot of fun to listen to and sounds a lot of fun to play. It suits its title it is Powerful and by this point in the album it is obvious these guys have all the markings of Professional musicians in their sound. Carpet Diem – Delightfully ridiculous song title. The first half is a movement inducing behemoth. The second half is a reflective beautiful journey that ultimately gives way to grand, washy noise. This track proves you do not need words to be emotive in music. Some Soldiers – Crazy fair-organ-esque din mixed with distortion. It is as odd as it sounds. Lovely hi-hat, ride bell, drum rim work throughout. Disgustingly talented band these. Great finish to the track. I Still Live at Home – The Pelican/Russian Circles inspired heftiness returns with force on this track. Impossible not to nod your head and sway your imaginary or real long hair melodically along with it. This song shows the heavier side of the band and is in keeping with the time-signature lunacy of the record. Again, an insane finish to the track. Boys know how to bring proceedings to a halt. No More – A solid finisher a Tombstone Piledriver of a track. It manages to encapsulate all the previous tracks in some way. It is heavy, atmospheric, energetic, sombre yet joyous in its opening half. Then out of nowhere it feels like the whole album has built up to this point. The latter part of this song is totally unexpected. It is a departure but it works beautifully. I won’t spoil it for you just go and listen to it. It’s Over, It’s Over. Feedback: This is a unique and inventive approach to instrumental music. Some influences are evident but Alpha Male Tea Party have honed a sound that is uniquely their own. Health is an album that shows the immense musical ability of a band that have struck a creative vein. I enjoyed it at the start and it somehow got better as it went on. Can’t wait to witness it live. Artwork: The Artwork is memorable, horrible, and beautiful. Artwork should always compliment the sound of the record. This certainly does. Line from the band: “If we did have an agenda going into this album it was we wanted to do something a little bit darker” says Tom Peters. “I think that was just a natural reaction to the personal circumstances that we were all going through. I was struggling to come up with up-beat major sounding riffs and it wasn’t feeling natural either. I don't want to churn out 10 songs of buoyant, cheery riffs because that's what people think we do. As f**king pompous as this sounds, music to me is all about capturing how you are actually relating to the world individually as a person. For me, I need to be able to take those emotional things and translate them into something on my instrument; if I can't do that then nothing happens. It took us a while to get going with this album; we've had a pretty tough couple of years individually in between Droids and Health so getting creative juices flowing when you're dealing with complicated personal issues can be pretty difficult. But as we got towards the end of the writing process, I feel like we probably could have written s**t-loads more; we were feeling really good about it.” ALPHA MALE TEA PARTY PLAY BUYERS CLUB 23rd JUNE! TICKETS: --------------------------------------------------------------- Kenn Rushworth: Beater of Drums, Writer of Words, Loser of Keys. Twitter: @14autumns



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