FOURTY THREE PERCENT SHOWS It's only the bloody legends from Emilio Largo doing their bit for the counter-culture music scene in Edinburgh isn't it. Bloody good guys
DESCRIPTIVE BIT Booking shows for Math, Prog, Post rock and alt-metal in Edinburgh. ALLUMNI Bad Grammar (RIP), Bear Arms, Cal Banda, Canal Capitale, Emilio Largo, Let's Talk Daggers, Press To Meco, Toy Mountains LINKS Facebook CONTACT Calum @ BAND REQUIREMENTS Help promote the show, share back line if possible. BOOKING TERMS Email with some background information on your band, a small amount of press, and your ideal fee and any other requirements. 43% book bands of the following genres; Math Rock/ Prog Rock/Post Rock/Alt Metal BAND BENEFITS Playing some small and intimate shows in Edinburgh. RECOMMENDATIONS Sneaky Petes, Opium and Labrynth, all venues that 43% book their shows at VENUES AND LOCATION Edinburgh



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