‘Some Kinds of Ghosts’ – Opium Dream Estate 21/02/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are we talking about? The album Some Kinds of Ghosts by Opium Dream Estate What hooked me? The sombre beauty of the tracks: ‘Howl’ is a haunting and sombrely beautiful introduction. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. Summary More up-beat with a decent rhythm, ‘Black Vultures’ has a slight overtone of Hawkwind circa 1970. The vocals are fine and clear, giving a welcome lift to the track, although the lyrics remain melancholy. Shimmering with atmosphere, ‘The Sacred Dawn’ builds musically, using the repetitive rhythm to great effect. ‘Faith’ starts with some nice paired-back acoustic guitar and moody keys. The vocals are crystal clear. The mood continues to be sober. This is a song of lost love and loneliness. There is an aching sadness to the music Opium Dream Estate have produced on ‘Some Kinds of Ghosts’. ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ is another sad and lovely song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has some sensual slightly surf guitar and a sinister rhythm. The vocals are more unclear here, floating above the slow, spare music. ‘Devil’s Bridge’ starts with banjo, but the depth of vocals keep the mood low. The lyrics are unremittingly bleak. This is a dusky album, never fully straying into the light. Slow and soulful, ‘River’ is more of the same. Dreamy and nebulous. There is a misty splendour here. Instrumental track ‘Kashina’ has some sampled spoken word in the introduction above the slow rhythm. Some nice 60s keyboards and guitar picking feature on ‘Weary Eyes’. The vocals remain moody. The combination works well, but the track and album as a whole might benefit from changes in tempo. ‘A Funeral’ has all the best qualities of a dirge. It is full of character and sadness. Artwork The bleakness of the animal skull in monochrome fits perfectly with the desolate mood of ‘Some Kind of Ghosts’. Feedback The whole album has a distinctive sound and a chilling, isolated feel. The music is often austere, yet atmospheric. Both its triumph and downfall lie in the fact it is unremitting in terms of subject matter and style. To fans of this sorrowful type of music, this is a masterpiece. To others, a break in the mood and a faster tempo on some of the tracks might seem welcome. The quality of the music and lyrics, however, cannot be denied. A perfect accompaniment to the wintery gloom showing the beauty in despair. Line From The Band We caught Sebastyen for a line on the release: ‘Some Kinds of Ghosts is the Opium Dream Estate third album (8th release) and it was released on ‘More Than Folk Records’ in late 2016. ‘ ‘We are looking for more concerts in Paris and elsewhere in France or Europe and festival. And we are working on new songs for new releases and a video of the song "Faith" to promote our last album.’ Vital Info Upcoming Opium Dream Estate shows: 9/02 at the Deer Studios, Paris (showcase) 05/06 at Le Supersonic, Paris Social --------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewer Profile
ROXY GILLESPIE Roxy Gillespie is a lover of eclectic sounds. She uses her spare time sating her wanderlust as she travels the UK in search of the next live music fix. Currently scraping a living from care work while she decides which city to live in next, she reviews for a number of websites and Louder Than War magazine. She has written short fiction as another person in a different life.
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